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When it comes to 'me', where am I or my future personal development we must keep in mind that individual level achieved in life is directly related to the goal that we have set - consciously or not about our capabilities - and it acts as a barrier that may be above or sits down. Each identity - who we are - should serve that purpose primary sparks passion to be in a certain place and role according to our aspirations. You are or you become your key to open the "magnum opus". There is not an easy and familiar way but I am here to help you find the path to what you want to be. Together we will solve significant emotional events from your past, bring the present  time to power and rediscover it so that you can regain and experience the feeling of individual accomplishment and inner balance.

More About Me

Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Certified Personal Development counselor

From Sept 2017 I am working as Psychologist & Personal Development counselor  for Seeding Knowledge Foundation.

Since 2015 I am studying Transactional Analysis with Yorkshire Training Centre International (YCTI).

Latest training & workshops:

-2018 November: Return to Transactional Analysis fundamentals William F.CORNELL, TSTA, MA

-2018 August: Give power to you and your child- Evelyne Papaux - TSTA

-2018 July: Transactional Analysis summer school (YCTI-Bucuresti)

-2018 February: Clinical hypnosis and ericksonian therapy (centrul confident)

-2017 July: Transactional Analysis summer school (YCTI-Kavarna)

-2017 September: Workshop-Educational TA Training-Evelyn Papaux

-2017 October: International Conference of Psychotraumatology

In my early stage of my career I was working in Finance field mainly as auditor and treasurer managing teams in multinational companies (Deloitte, Coca Cola HBC, Cosmote, Telekom).

Sigmund Freud

“Analysis does not set out to make pathological reactions impossible, but to give the patient's ego freedom to decide one way or another. "

Schedule a Session

Contact me using form below or directly at or by phone at 0040766440121
Sessions are held face to face in my office and also on Skype if more convenient


Bucuresti, Romania

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